Janice Wright Cheney

CBC Artspots: Janice Wright Cheney

This excellent site from CBC provides a complete profile, a collection of short video clips, a gallery of works, and selected publications featuring Janice Wright Cheney.


Textile Arts

Textile Museum of Canada: Connecting Cloth, Culture & Art

An excellent site featuring textile art exhibitions, a wealth of information about textile arts in Canadian culture, and numerous teacher resources.


Canadian Tapestry: The Fabric of Cultural Diversity

Explore Canada’s cultural diversity through cloth. Learn about the origins of textile art in Canada, read stories, view images, and play interactive games. An excellent site from Canadian Heritage.


New Brunswick Needlework Timeline

View a timeline of needlework in New Brunswick, from circa 1000 AD to present.


Canadian Women Artists

Women Artists in Canada

Biographies of 23 female artists in Canada from the past 150 years, including pictures and suggested readings. Provided by the Library and Archives of Canada.


Canadian Natural History

Canadian Museum of Nature

A digital museum of nature in Canada, this site includes digital galleries, special exhibitions, and a “Teacher Zone,” which includes class room resources, videoconferencing, glossaries, teacher’s kits, and special interactive features about the environment and natural science.