Dan Steeves

Visit the artist’s homepage and view his gallery, books, and artist CV. 


Abbozzo Gallery: Daniel Steeves

An excellent page about Dan Steeves, including a biography, gallery, and detailed explanation of the artist’s printing technique.


Printmaking/ Etching

Cybermuse: Print Techniques

An introduction to the techniques of printmaking by the National Gallery of Canada.

This site gives detailed explanations and demonstrations of lithography, etching, woodcut, and serigraphy.


Cybermuse: Prints and Drawings Gallery

A gallery of over 700 lithography, etching, woodcut, and serigraphy prints from the National Gallery of Canada.


The Art Window: Crayon Etching

A fun, step-by-step lesson in crayon etching.



Panoramas: The North American Landscape in Art

Developed by the Virtual Museum of Canada, this site gives you a chance to explore Canadian landscapes, to learn how artistic decisions affect the portrayal of the land, and to consider multiple perspectives on issues addressed by landscape artists. Each section contains images, suggested activities, media, and resources.