Art Terms

Sculpture: The techniques and processes of creating three-dimensional forms and images by carving, casting, construction, or modelling.

Carving: The process of shaping a mass of solid material by breaking down the surface and using pointed, tipped, or sharp-edged tools to cut away sections of the material. Stone and wood are the traditional, most commonly used materials for carving, but a range of other substances, like soap, plaster, and plastics, can be employed for various purposes.

Mixed Media: The term is generally used when two or more media are used in a single work of art, e.g. metal and wood, or metal, wood and stone. Mixed media include plastics, fibres, and any man-made or natural element that can be used to model or otherwise construct a sculpture.

Symbolism: The use of symbols in an individual image or group of images to represent actual objects or abstract ideas.