Virtual Museum Artotheque: Guy Duguay

A detailed biography of Guy Duguay from the Virtual Museum of Canada.


Virtual Museum: Guy Duguay

An analysis of an untitled monotype by Guy Duguay as well as a short biography.


Artwork by Guy Duguay

A gallery of 25 artworks by Guy Duguay.



Library and Archives Canada: Portrait Gallery of Canada

A collection of more than four million paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, photographs, films and caricatures amassed since the 1880s.



Artcyclopedia: Expressionism

A detailed explanation of Expressionism, including external links and a chronological listing of Expressionists with sample works.


Abstract Expressionism

Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art: Abstract Expressionism

A detailed explanation of the movement with images offered within a larger timeline. Jackson Pollock

A 4-minute video clip of Jackson Pollock, one of the most important artists in the Abstract Expressionist movement, painting and talking about his work (1951).