Gallery 78: Nancy Morin

A biography and selected works by Nancy Morin from Gallery 78, New Brunswick.


Folk Art

The Canadian Encyclopedia: Folk Art

A detailed introduction to Canadian folk art, with pictures, suggested readings, and external links.


Marc Chagall

Famous Artists Gallery: Marc Chagall

Read the biography and explore works by Morin’s most important influence, Marc Chagall.


Acadian Art and Culture

Francophone Artists of Canada: Gestures and Words

A website developed by the Virtual Museum of Canada dedicated to the work of Francophone artists in Canada.


CBC: The Acadians

An excellent online feature about Acadian history and culture, this site includes Acadian facts, numerous articles, a timeline, and several resources about Acadian culture. A section on nine Acadian artists is included, and features biographies, video clips, and artworks. 


The Canadian Encyclopedia: Culture of Acadia

Learn about Acadian folklore, music, painting and sculpture, literature, theatre, and cinema through articles, pictures, and media.