Gallery 78: Yvon Gallant

A biography and several works by Yvon Gallant from Gallery 78, New Brunswick.


Folk Art

The Canadian Encyclopedia: Folk Art

A detailed introduction to Canadian folk art, with pictures, suggested readings, and external links.


Francophone Artists in Canada

Francophone Artists of Canada: Gestures and Words

A website created by the Virtual Museum of Canada dedicated to the work of Francophone artists in Canada.


Narratives of Nationhood: Canadian Symbol and Myth

The Confederation Centre Art Gallery offers this valuable site which teaches about nationhood and nationalism through symbolism. Three works of art, including one by Yvon Gallant, are examined and accompanied by several related lesson plans.


Acadian Art and Culture

The Canadian Encyclopedia: Culture of Acadia

Learn about Acadian folklore, music, painting and sculpture, literature, theatre, and cinema through articles, pictures, and media.


CBC: The Acadians

An excellent online feature about Acadian history and culture, this site includes Acadian facts, numerous articles, a timeline, and numerous resources about Acadian culture. A section on nine Acadian artists (including Gallant) is included, and features biographies, video clips, and artworks.