Canadian Encyclopedia: Mary Pratt

A brief biography with sample work and external links.


Women Artists in Canada: Mary Pratt

A detailed biography with images from the Library and Archives of Canada.


Art Gallery Of Newfoundland & Labrador: Mary Pratt

A comprehensive biography including sample work.


Still Life Composition

Cybermuse “How-To” Videos: Painting a Still Life Composition

Follow painter Nathalie Mantha as she demonstrates the steps to create a still life with acrylic paints. 


New Objectivity/ Magic Realism

Art:21- Describing the Real

A series of lesson plans that explore abstraction and realism by integrating visual arts with language arts. Poetry, novels, memoirs, and epic stories are explored through their visual counterparts—still life, portraiture, and historic representations in art. One of the lessons specifically explores Magic Realism through the work of artist Pepon Osorio.


Canadian Women Artists

Women Artists in Canada: Celebrating Women’s Achievements

Detailed biographies highlighting the achievements of 23 women artists in Canada.