What can we learn from looking at Kenojuak Ashevak’s Triumvirate?

Let’s look

Take your time. Look carefully. Where do your eyes go first? Then where? Take in as many details as you can.

Let’s describe

What do you see when you first look at this image? Where do your eyes go first? Is there anything unique about the image? Look closer? Is there more to the image then what you see at first glance? Count out how many birds you can see. Can you find all three? Think about how the artist chose to use the image of 3 birds, while at the same time, chose to blend the birds in together. Why do you think the artist made this decision?

Encourage students to ask questions. What visual elements in the artwork prompt the questions asked?

Let’s imagine

Have you researched what the word and title of this artwork, Triumvirate means? Ashevak used three birds in his Triumvirate. If you were to create a triumvirate, what symbol would you use? And why?