McMichael Canadian Art Collection: Miller Brittain

A detailed biography and selected works. Includes a video of Tom Smart (curator and author), discussing Brittain and his recent book, Miller Brittain: When The Stars Throw Down Their Spears.


You Tube: Tom Smart Discusses Miller Brittain (video)

Tom Smart, author and curator of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, discusses Miller Brittain on the Canada Art Channel.


CyberMuse: Miller Brittain

A comprehensive biography and information on the work Street Scene (1935) by Miller Brittain.



Library and Archives Canada: Portrait Gallery of Canada

A collection of more than four million paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, photographs, films and caricatures amassed since the 1880s.


Canadian Heritage

Canvas of War

View gripping scenes of war on the battlefront. Wartime paintings by some of Canada’s greatest artists are on display at this Canadian War Museum website.


Telling Stories: Narratives of Nationhood

Find out what Canadian art can tell us about our geographical, historical and cultural make-up. This multimedia presentation is accompanied by extensive K-12 educational resources.  From the Confederation Centre Art Gallery in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.