Jean-Paul Riopelle: A Tribute

Dedicated entirely to Jean-Paul Riopelle, this site includes a biography, several works, and links to books about Riopelle. 


Cybermuse Artist’s Page: Jean-Paul Riopelle

An excellent biography and gallery of Riopelle provided by the National Gallery of Canada.


Surrealism & Automatism

History of Surrealism

A detailed history of Surrealism and the emergence of the Automatistes.


Paddy O’Brien on Canadian Surrealism

A look at the history of Surrealism in Canada from the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art.


Francophone Artists

Francophone Artists of Canada: Gestures and Words

An excellent website from the Virtual Museum of Canada dedicated to the work of Francophone artists in Canada.


Refus Global Manifesto

CBC Digital Archives: Le Refus Global (Revolution in the Arts)

A series of seven radio and television clips surrounding Le Refus Global manifesto and the Automatistes.

The Canadian Encyclopedia