Art Terms

Abstract Art: An art form or object that is primarily an arrangement of basic visual elements, i.e. colour, line and contour, mass, shape and texture. Real objects in nature are represented in a way that wholly or partially neglects their true appearance.

Art Movement  

Automatism: A surrealist technique inspired by stream-of-consciousness writing, where the artist was required to paint spontaneously and without preconceptions.

Surrealism: A twentieth century movement that was founded by the French writer, André Breton. The movement was influenced by the theories of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Surrealist works are as confusing and as startling as those of dreams. These works can be realistic, but can be totally irrational in their depiction of dreamlike fantasies, or they can be abstract. If they are abstract, conscious control is eliminated in order to express the unconscious.