What can we learn from looking at Jean-Paul Riopelle’s Hameau?

Let’s look

Take your time. Look carefully. Where do your eyes go first? Then where? Take in as many details as you can.

Let’s describe

What can we say about the way Riopelle painted Hameau? Does the paint appear thick or thin? Organized or disorganized? Planned or unplanned? What visual elements support your ideas? Finish this sentence: It looks like he _________.

Encourage students to ask questions. What visual elements in the artwork prompt the questions asked?

Let’s imagine

You have been asked to demonstrate the artistic importance of the “automatic” approach to painting Riopelle perfected to a group of very skeptical adults. What would you do? How would you prepare for your demonstration?  What would you need to know and what would you need to be able to do?  What would you have the adults do?