Maurice Cullen

The Canadian Encyclopedia: Maurice Cullen

A detailed biography of Maurice Cullen with selected works.


Cybermuse: Maurice Cullen

A gallery of Maurice Cullen’s work, including a short biography.



Narratives of Nationhood: Is This Landscape Your Landscape?

An excellent website where Canadian landscapes are discussed and several related lesson plans are offered. 


Panoramas: The North American Landscape in Art

Developed by the Virtual Museum of Canada, this site gives you a chance to explore the influences of landforms on human occupancy, celebrate the diversity of North American cultures, learn how artistic decisions affect the portrayal of the land, and consider multiple per spectives on issues addressed by landscape artists. Each section contains images, suggested activities, media, and resources.



Download or browse eight teacher lessons (grades 1-8) introducing the major themes of Impressionism, or take a guided tour through turn of the century France and explore the interesting concepts that defined the Impressionist art movement.


Incredible Art Department: Impressionism/ Post-Impressionism

A variety of links to sites about Impressionism and Post-Impressionism and the major artists of the period, including Monet and Van Gough. Links to related lesson plans are also provided.