What can we learn from looking at Maurice Galbraith Cullen’s Logging at Beaupré?

Let’s look

Take your time. Look carefully. Where do your eyes go first? Then where? Take in as many details as you can.

Let’s describe

What is taking place? How would you describe the person in the painting? What are the person and the ox doing? How do the trees in the background relate to the person and the ox in the foreground? What can we say about the landscape? What time of year is it?  What time of day is it? Support your answers with visual elements in the work.

Let’s imagine

Imagine yourself as the ox.  What would you be thinking?  Imagine yourself as the man.  What would you be thinking and saying to the ox?  If you could enter the scene, what would you do? Cullen’s painting shows a man and ox hauling logs out of the woods in 1896.  If you could re-create this painting today, what would it look like?