What can we learn from looking at  Lawren Stewart Harris’s Morning?

Let’s look

Take your time. Look carefully. Where do your eyes go first? Then where? Take in as many details as you can.

Let’s describe

What do you see in Morning? Is it early or late morning? What time of year is it? How would you describe the atmosphere in the painting? How would you characterize the mood? Support your responses by pointing to visual elements in the painting. Pay particular attention to the inter-play of light and dark, warm and cool, background and foreground.

Let’s imagine

Harris named his painting Morning.  What other name could this painting have and why? Looking closely at the painting, what do you think happens next? Who lives in the building? What are they doing or what are they about to do?  If you lived in this building what might you be doing, hearing, or seeing in the morning? If you walked through this neighbourhood who or what would you meet?  What would you see? (stores,  schools, playgrounds, animals, people.)